Top 10 Glamping Tent For Sale

glamping tent for sale

Are you ready to elevate your camping experience with a dash of luxury? Glamping tents are becoming increasingly popular, offering a blend of outdoor adventure and comfort. This article dives into the top 10 glamping tent available for sale in 2023, from traditional bell tents to innovative canvas options.

Let’s uncover which tent might become your new home away from home!

Key Takeaways

  • Glamping tents offer a luxurious camping experience with comfort and convenience.
  • The top glamping tent for sale in 2023 include the MC Canvas TentWhiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent, The North Face Wawona 8, Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent, and Bushnell Shield Series.
  • Important factors to consider when choosing a glamping tent are size and capacitymaterial and durability, ease of setup, and additional features like stove jacks or windows.
  • Glamping tents come in various styles such as bell tents, safari tents, yurts, teepees, huts, igloos,and tent cabins to cater to different preferences.
  • The average cost of a glamping tent ranges from around $500 for basic options to as high as $9,000 for more luxurious models.
  • Availability of toilets in glamping tents depends on the specific location or campsite where they are set up.

The Best Glamping Tent for Sale

Discover the top glamping tent for sale, including the MC Canvas Tent, Whiteduck Alpha 16’x20′ Canvas Wall Tent, The North Face Wawona 8, Whiteduck 13′ Regatta Canvas Bell Tent, and Bushnell Shield Series.

MC Canvas Tent

If you’re in search of a glamping tent that perfectly fits into small spaces without compromising comfort, consider the MC Canvas Tent. Crafted from durable and weatherproof cotton canvas material, it provides ample protection against elements.

With a ten-foot diameter and a 6.6-foot height, this tent offers enough room for up to three people – perfect for small groups or couples planning a cozy outdoor retreat. Adding convenience and versatility is its stove jack and zipped removable floor, designed not only for warmth but also easy cleaning after your adventure ends.

Known for sturdiness and spaciousness, this glamping tent epitomizes luxury in camping with simple setup procedures and proper ventilation aimed at delivering an enjoyable experience amidst nature’s beauty.

Whiteduck Alpha 16’x20’ Canvas Wall Tent

The Whiteduck Alpha 16’x20’ Canvas Wall Tent stands out among the best glamping tent for sale. Its sizable dimensions offer ample space, making it an excellent choice for a comfortable luxury camping experience.

You can enjoy various activities such as hunting, big gatherings or extended field trips without compromising comfort.

Superior in both design and material, this canvas wall tent is made from 100% cotton, ensuring excellent breathability ideal for warm-weather camping. The waterproof feature guarantees you stay dry and cozy even under wet conditions.

Along with its water-repellency comes exceptional durability; wrapped around every seam is special cotton offering maximum protection against moisture seepage while enhancing the tent’s overall strength to withstand heavy use over time.

For those on the hunt for a luxurious yet budget-friendly camping solution, investing in a Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent definitely pays off! It has earned its spot in our top 10 glamping tents due to its unbeatable blend of quality features and affordability.

The North Face Wawona 8

The North Face Wawona 8 is a luxury glamping tent for sale that delivers comfort and convenience on all your camping adventures. As a spacious 8-person tent, it’s perfect for large groups or those seeking plenty of room to lounge and relax.

This glamping dome tent stands out with three doors for easy access and exit without causing any commotion among fellow campers. It further enhances the outdoor living experience with an expansive vestibule, offering additional storage space for gear or a cozy area to unwind in the serenity of nature.

Even more appealing is its indoor divider feature allowing you to create separate living spaces within the tent itself – making it feel like home away from home! The cost of glamping tents like The North Face Wawona 8 warrants their value as it boasts high-quality materials promising durability and longevity even under extreme weather conditions.

Not only loved by users but also regarded as one of the best glamping tents on Amazon, this model offers an unparalleled sleeping area coupled with comfortable livable space – truly committing to an opulent camping experience! Its ease of setup makes it an excellent choice specifically designed for car camping excursions while maintaining its place in The North Face’s esteemed line-up of outdoor gear.

Whiteduck 13′ Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

The Whiteduck 13′ Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is the perfect choice for both camping and glamping enthusiasts. This tent offers a spacious design with a higher standard wall height of 2’7″, allowing you to move around comfortably without feeling cramped.

Its waterproof cotton canvas material ensures that you stay dry and cozy during your outdoor adventures. The high ceiling creates an open and inviting atmosphere inside the tent, making it ideal for relaxation or hosting gatherings.

Not only is this bell tent aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides insulation, making it a popular option for winter glamping trips. Built to withstand different weather conditions, this durable tent will provide reliable shelter on your camping or hunting expeditions.

Bushnell Shield Series

The Bushnell Shield Series offers luxury and comfort with their glamping tent for sale. These tents are built to withstand various weather conditions, thanks to their durable aluminum poles and weather shield technology.

With fully taped factory-sealed seams, you can be sure that these tents are waterproof. The mesh windows come with privacy panels, allowing for ventilation while maintaining your privacy.

Utility ports are also included for easy access to power sources. The Bushnell Shield Series offers a range of sizes, from six-person to twelve-person tents. With spacious interiors, you won’t need sleeping pads as the tents can fit three queen-sized beds comfortably.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Glamping Tent

When choosing a glamping tent, it’s important to consider its size and capacity, material and durability, ease of setup, and additional features like stove jacks or windows.

Size and capacity

Choosing the right size and capacity for your glamping tent is crucial to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The length of the tent plays a significant role in determining its overall space, so consider how much room you’ll need for sleeping, living, and storage.

Keep in mind that larger tents offer more space for amenities like beds, furniture, and bathrooms, while smaller tents are easier to transport and set up. Strike a balance between size and comfort by considering the number of people who will be staying in the tent and their specific requirements.

By finding the perfect fit, you can create an ideal glamping retreat for yourself or your guests.

Material and durability

Glamping tents are often made of heavy-duty cotton canvas, which offers superior durability and longevity compared to synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Canvas tents are thicker and denser, providing better protection against high winds, rain, and sun.

Duck canvas is a popular choice for glamping tents due to its strength and durability. It can withstand various weather conditions for years on end, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.

Quality glamping tents are often made from heavy-duty cotton canvas that is weather-repellent, ensuring they hold up well even in harsh climates. With their sturdy fabric and stitching, these tents offer enhanced longevity, allowing you to enjoy your glamping experience without worrying about wear and tear.

Ease of setup

Setting up a glamping tent should be as effortless and straightforward as possible, allowing you to focus on enjoying your camping adventure. Look for a tent that offers an easy setup process, ensuring that you can quickly pitch your accommodations without any hassle.

Many glamping tents have user-friendly features like simple designs with center poles or color-coded components, making assembly a breeze. Opting for a tent with an uncomplicated setup will save you a lot of time and effort, giving you more opportunity to relax and explore the great outdoors.

So when browsing for the best glamping tent for sale, prioritize ease of setup to ensure a stress-free camping experience.

Additional features (such as stove jacks or windows)

Glamping tents come with a range of additional features to enhance your outdoor experience. One popular feature is the stove jack, which allows you to use a wood-burning stove or camping heater inside the tent.

This can be particularly useful during colder weather, providing warmth and comfort while you enjoy the great outdoors. Some glamping tents even have a heatproof floor section where you can safely place a camping heater.

Another feature to consider is windows or mesh panels, which offer ventilation and natural light inside the tent. PVC ground cloth is another handy addition that helps keep moisture out and provides an extra layer of protection against wet ground conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glamping Tents

Curious about the average cost of glamping tents? Wondering if they’re suitable for backpacking trips? Find all your answers and more in our FAQ section!

Average cost of a glamping tent

Glamping tents come in a wide range of prices, depending on different factors such as size, materials, and additional features. On average, the cost of a glamping tent can range from around $500 for basic options to as high as $9,000 for more luxurious and high-end models.

It’s important to consider your budget when choosing a glamping tent, but also keep in mind that investing in quality materials and durable construction can ensure longevity and comfort during your glamping adventures.

Types of glamping tents available

There are various types of glamping tents available to suit different preferences and styles. One popular option is the classic bell tent, known for its iconic shape and spacious interior.

Another style is the safari or A-frame tent, which provides a more structured design while still offering plenty of comfort. Additionally, there are alternatives like glamping yurtsteepeeshuts, igloos, tent cabins, and even log cabins for those seeking a unique camping experience.

These luxurious tents come in various sizes and materials but all have one thing in common: they offer 5-star luxury with features like high-quality cotton canvas and durable construction to ensure a cozy and unforgettable glamping adventure.

Availability of toilets in glamping tents

Not all glamping tents have toilets and restrooms, but most glampgrounds that have stationary glamping tents will have attached bathrooms. The availability of toilets in glamping tents varies depending on the specific glampground and the type of glamping tent.

It is important to check whether the glamping tent you are purchasing includes a restroom or toilet facility. Some high-end luxury glamping tents may come with private ensuite bathrooms, while others may require using shared bathroom facilities within the campsite.

When planning your glamorous camping adventure, make sure to inquire about the availability and proximity of bathroom amenities in your chosen glampground.

Suitability for backpacking trips

Glamping tents are not typically designed for backpacking trips due to their larger size and heavier weight. While they offer a luxurious camping experience, they may not be the most practical option for hikers or those looking to travel light.

Glamping tents are more suited for car camping or stationary use at designated glamping sites. However, if you do want to bring a glamping tent on a backpacking trip, it’s important to consider the weight and packability of the tent.

Look for lightweight materials and compact designs that can be easily carried on your back without sacrificing too much comfort and space.

Conclusion: Our Top Pick for the Best Glamping Tent

In conclusion, when it comes to the best glamping tent for sale, our top pick is the Regatta Canvas Bell Tent. With its luxurious design and ample space, it give you the perfect combination of comfort and style for your outdoor getaway.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape or a family adventure, this tent will exceed your expectations. So don’t wait any longer – invest in the ultimate glamping experience today!


What features should I look for in a glamping tent?

When shopping for a glamping tent, it’s very important to think about factors such as size, durability, ease of setup, waterproofing, ventilation, and additional features like windows, doors with screens or zippers, and built-in flooring.

Are glamping tents suitable for all weather conditions?

Glamping tents are designed to provide comfort and protection in various weather conditions. However, it’s always recommended to check the specific specifications of the tent to ensure that it is made for the climate you will be using the tent in.

Can I use a glamping tent for regular camping trips?

Yes! Glamping tents are versatile and can be used not only for luxurious camping experiences but also for regular camping trips. They offer spaciousness and extra amenities that enhance your camping experience without sacrificing the essence of being close to nature.

Can I customize my glamping tent?

Many glamping tents come with customization options such as add-on rooms or partitions that allow you to create separate spaces within the main structure. Additionally, some manufacturers may offer customization services where you can choose colors or materials according to your preferences. It’s always best to check with the seller or manufacturer about available customization options before making a purchase.

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