A Complete Guide To Camping World Knoxville

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Are you ready to take your camping adventures to the next level with a trusty RV? Camping World of Knoxville stands as Knox County’s premier destination for all things RV-related. This guide is packed with essential information, from services offered to top-notch RV selections that will gear you up for the open road.

Dive into our comprehensive resource and discover why this spot is a camper’s haven! Keep reading; great outdoors await!

Location and Hours of Camping World Knoxville

Camping World Knoxville is conveniently located near McGhee Tyson Airport and is open until 6 PM, 7 days a week.

Conveniently located near McGhee Tyson Airport

Camping World of Knoxville makes it easy for travelers to stop by before or after a flight. It’s just four miles north of McGhee Tyson Airport on Alcoa/Airport Hwy #129. With this spot, you can jump straight from the runway to the road trip! If you’re driving from the airport, head over to 2055 Alcoa Highway, and in minutes you’ll be at our doors ready to check out everything we have for your RV needs.

We know that time is important when planning trips. That’s why our location helps save your precious hours. You don’t need to drive far if you’re flying into or out of Knoxville. We sit so close to McGhee Tyson Airport, making us a perfect pit stop for last-minute supplies or quick service check-ins before hitting the road with your motorhome or travel trailer.

Open until 6 PM, 7 days a week

You can stop by Knoxville camping world any day you like! They are open every week from Monday to Sunday. This means whether it’s the start of the week or the weekend, you have a chance to look at RVs and get what you need.

On weekdays and Saturdays, their doors open at 9 AM. But on Sundays, they start a little later, at 11 AM. Still, no matter the day, they stay open until 6 PM.

This gives you plenty of time to check out travel trailers or talk about warranties without rushing. You can walk around and see all that Camping World has for your camping trips until the evening comes.

And if you want more than just looking around, their team is there ready to help until closing time rolls in. Now let’s see what services and things they offer inside those walls!

Services and Offerings at Camping World Knoxville

This camping site offers a range of services, including an RV dealership, service center, accessory store, and the option to shop for used RVs.

Services and Offerings at Camping World Knoxville

RV dealership

At Knoxville, you find a big selection of RVs that can fit your travel dreams. It’s the top place in Knox County to shop for new and used models. They have lots of famous brands like Forest River and many different styles to choose from.

Whether you want a motorhome with a cozy master bedroom or just need something simple for weekend trips, they’ve got it all.

You’ll see friendly staff ready to help you pick the perfect RV and talk about payment options, credit stuff, and any taxes or fees involved. If you’re looking for an RV dealer with great choices and good service, this is your spot! Next up is learning about their service center where they fix things up and get you back on the road quick.

Service center

This place boasts a dedicated RV service center providing comprehensive repair, maintenance, and renovation services. From routine upkeep to complete collision repairs, the service center ensures your RV remains in top condition.

Additionally, the Performance Center caters to all levels of RV care while addressing repairs covered by the OE warranty.

With an extensive range of services and skilled technicians, Camping World’s service center is equipped to meet all your RV maintenance needs. Whether it’s regular servicing or specialized repairs, you can rely on their expertise for top-notch care that keeps your RV in prime condition for your next adventure.

Accessory store

When you’re done exploring the RV dealership and service center, head to the accessory store at Knoxville for all your camping needs. Whether it’s kitchen suppliesoutdoor gear, or RV maintenance essentials, you’ll find a wide range of products to enhance your outdoor experience.

From awnings to grilling equipment and leveling blocks, the accessory store has everything you need to make your RV feel like a home away from home.

Customers can opt in for text messages to stay updated on timely offers and promotions at the accessory store. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Camping World provides appraisal services and assistance with sales inquiries while offering top-notch accessories for your motorhome or minivan.

Shop used RVs

Camping World offers a diverse selection of used RVs from well-known manufacturers like Forest River, Coleman, and more. The dealership provides options for customers looking for pre-owned RVs in excellent condition.

With specific models such as the 2022 Forest River Wolf Pack 365PACK16, the 2020 Thor Freedom Elite 22FE, and the 2019 Keystone Hideout 175LHS available for sale, customers have various choices to meet their camping needs.

Additionally, Knoxville camping place allows customers to trade in or sell their current RVs when they are ready to upgrade or downsize their recreational vehicle lifestyle.

If you’re considering purchasing a used RV near Knoxville TN, Camping World is an ideal destination offering quality options alongside the convenience of trading in your existing RV.

Tips for Visiting Camping World Knoxville

Plan your visit ahead of time to make the most of your experience at Knoxville. Learn about their policies and take advantage of timely offers to enhance your camping journey.

Ready for more tips? Keep reading!

Plan your visit

When planning your visit to Knoxville for camping, make sure to check their hours as they are open until 6 PM every day. It’s located conveniently near McGhee Tyson Airport, making it easy to drop by while traveling.

Also, take some time to familiarize yourself with their policies and be on the lookout for timely offers that could enhance your camping experience.

As you prepare for your visit to Camping World Knoxville, it’s essential to know the hours of operation and consider any ongoing offers to make the most of your experience at this RV dealership and service center.

Familiarize yourself with their policies

Before visiting Camping World Knoxville, take time to familiarize yourself with their health and safety policies. Guests are encouraged to voluntarily practice healthy habits and assume any associated risks.

Additionally, it’s essential to plan your visit ahead of time, especially if you intend to explore the U.S. National Parks nearby. Ensuring a clear understanding of these policies will help make your experience at Camping World Knoxville safe and enjoyable.

– Take advantage of timely offers when planning your visit or explore the popular RV brands and models available at Camping World Knoxville.

Take advantage of timely offers

When visiting Camping World Knoxville, take advantage of timely offers such as trip planningtravel directories, and campground/fuel discount programs to enhance your RV experience.

Additionally, consider becoming a member of Affinity Group Holding Inc. to enjoy 50% savings at over 1,100 campgrounds, providing valuable discounts for your travels. Furthermore, keep an eye out for the National Park Service’s free entrance days at U.S. National Parks throughout the year to explore outdoor destinations without any entrance fees.

Next up – “Popular RV Brands and Models at Camping World Knoxville”

Popular RV Brands and Models at Camping World Knoxville

Camping World Knoxville offers a wide range of popular RV brands and models, including Forest River, Coleman, and Wolf Pup Camper, with various floor plan options to suit different preferences.

Forest River

Forest River, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer of motorhomes, trailers, and haulers in the United States. At Camping World of Knoxville, you can explore an extensive selection of Forest River RVs for sale, including limited edition models and accessories.

One popular choice is the Forest River Wildwood RVs, available at the nation’s largest RV and camper dealer in Knoxville. Additionally, customers can shop for both new and used Forest River RVs at Camping World of Knoxville while also benefitting from repair services, parts availability, and a collision center.

Embark on your next adventure with style and comfort by considering the stylish Forest River R-Pod travel trailer available for purchase at Camping World of Knoxville. With their wide range of options for customer needs around Tennessee in locations such as Nashville and Chattanooga.


Moving on from Forest River, another notable brand available at Camping World Knoxville is Coleman. With over 50 years of experience in providing reliable campers, Coleman has become a trusted name in the industry.

One popular model available at Camping World Knoxville is the Coleman Rubicon 1400BH, known for its quality and durability. Additionally, the Coleman Lantern travel trailer stands out as one of North America’s most sought-after RV travel options, offering comfort and convenience to adventurers.

Moreover, if you’re looking for lightweight and spacious campers perfect for family trips, consider the Coleman Light series which can accommodate up to 10 people. At Camping World Knoxville, you’ll find a range of Coleman models including the durable and well-equipped lantern RVs along with other popular options like the Coleman Lantern LT.

Wolf Pup Camper

Camping World Knoxville offers a variety of Forest River Wolf Pup RVs for sale, including models like the 18RJB, 18TO, 17JG, and 16FQ. The cost of these campers ranges from around $20,000 to $45,000.

These compact yet fully-equipped campers are an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for convenience and comfort in their camping experience. With different floor plan options available, customers can find the perfect fit for their camping needs at Camping World Knoxville.

The Forest River Wolf Pup Camper is designed to provide a comfortable and functional camping experience. Its affordable price range makes it a very attractive option for people seeking quality and value in their RV purchase.

Floor plan options

Looking for versatile floor plan options at Camping World Knoxville? The dealership offers a range of popular RV brands such as Forest River and models like the Wolf Pack 365PACK16.

With prices starting around $6,500 and going up to $50,000+, customers can find the perfect floor plan to suit their camping needs. Whether you’re seeking a compact layout or a spacious design with amenities, Camping World of Knoxville has diverse floor plan options to cater to varying preferences and budgets.


In conclusion, Camping World Knoxville offers a complete RV experience. From sales to service and accessories, they’ve got you covered. Plan your visit and explore the wide range of RVs and outdoor gear they have to offer.

With their convenient location near the airport, visiting Camping World Knoxville is a breeze for all RV enthusiasts. So come on down and discover everything this top-notch dealership has in store for you!


What is Camping World Knoxville?

Camping World Knoxville is a place in Tennessee where people can buy things they need for camping, like dinettes and bathrooms for RVs.

Where are other Camping World locations near Knoxville?

There are other locations near Knoxville, including Camping World Alcoa, Maryville TN, and Louisville TN.

Can I text someone at Camping World if I have questions?

Yes, you can send texts to ask questions or get help with what you need from the folks at Camping World.

Does Camping World only sell camping stuff in Knoxville?

No! While they do sell lots of camping gear in Knoxville, they also offer it in nearby places like Alcoa and Maryville in Tennessee.

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