Timberline Glamping Georgia: A Glamping Oasis In The Mountains

timberline glamping georgia

Yearning for a rustic retreat with all the comforts of home? Look no further than Timberline Glamping, your luxury accommodation in Georgia’s great outdoors. This blog will guide you through unique glamping experiences with cozy treehousesretro RVs and more that await at Timberline.

Let’s embark on an unforgettable mountain getaway adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • Timberline Glamping offers luxurious accommodations in stunning locations across Georgia, including Lake Blackshear, Unicoi State Park, and Amicalola Falls State Park.
  • As guest you can choose from a variety of unique glamping experiences at Timberline, such as safari tents, bell tents, retro RVs, cozy treehouses, and yurts.
  • Each accommodation option at Timberline Glamping provides modern amenities while immersing guests in the beauty of nature.
  • Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun family adventure, Timberline Glamping has something to offer for everyone seeking an unforgettable experience in the mountains of Georgia.

Timberline Glamping Accommodations and Locations

Timberline Glamping Accommodations and Locations

Timberline Glamping offers a variety of unique accommodations in stunning locations across Georgia, including Lake Blackshear in Cordele, Unicoi State Park in Sautee Nacoochee, and Amicalola Falls State Park.

Lake Blackshear in Cordele, GA

You’ll discover Lake Blackshear near the border of Georgia Veterans State Park. As one of Georgia’s hidden gems, it attracts visitors for an array of activities including water sports, fishing, hiking and biking.

Timberline Glamping taps into this allure by providing top-tier luxury accommodations right by the lakeside. Enjoy waking up to serene lake views before embarking on a day filled with adventure! The unique location guarantees not just a standard camping trip but a high-end glamping experience steeped in comfort and natural beauty.

Unicoi State Park in Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Unicoi State Park, nestled in the heart of North Georgia Mountains, spreads over a striking area of 1,050 acres. This popular outdoor destination is more than just picturesque views and wooded areas – it boasts a vast 53-acre glittering lake known for fishing, boating, and swimming enthusiast visitors from all around.

With its strategic location northeast of Helen, Georgia, Unicoi State Park serves as an integral part of any adventurous soul’s itinerary.

Timberline Glamping at Unicoi State Park offers four unique glamping sites that blend luxury with the enchanting whispers of nature. Of these options are the Deluxe Site fitted neatly with a king bed and two bunk beds or double sites featuring two queen beds for those seeking something extra spacious during their nature retreat.

Whether you’re after tranquility or exhilaration amid breathtaking scenery in Sautee Nacoochee GA— Timberline Glamping has truly mastered the art of camping amidst true Georgian beauty.

Amicalola Falls State Park

Nestled in Dawsonville, Georgia is the stunning Amicalola Falls State Park. You’ll find it resting at the southernmost point of the Appalachian Trail, boasting six bespoke Timberline glamping accommodations.

Marvel at Georgia’s tallest waterfall that proudly stands within its boundaries. Filled with exciting activities such as hiking trails, archery and ziplining, this park offers an unparalleled experience for people seeking adventure and nature lovers alike! With bird shows also included in your stay, there’s never a dull moment here when you’re glamping in Timberline Georgia.

Unique Glamping Experiences and Features

Experience the luxury of glamping at Timberline, where you can pick from a many unique accommodations such as safari tents, bell tents, retro RVs, cozy treehouses, yurts and more.

Safari tents

Timberline Glamping offers a range of unique glamping accommodations, one of which is the popular safari tents. These luxurious tents provide a perfect blend of comfort and nature.

When staying in a safari tent, you can enjoy modern amenities while still being immersed in the great outdoors. Think about waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and feeling the gentle breeze through your tent flaps.

In Robbinsville, North Carolina, guests can even have outdoor showers and sinks for that extra touch of adventure. Whether it’s in Georgia or California, these safari-style tents offer a sense of seclusion and intimacy for an unforgettable glamping experience.

Bell tents

Timberline Glamping Co. offers a variety of unique glamping experiences, including bell tents. These spacious and comfortable tents are perfect for those looking for a cozy and rustic outdoor getaway in Georgia.

With their classic design and luxurious amenities, bell tents provide an unforgettable camping experience. Greeter Falls also offers bell tents for glamping enthusiasts, catering to those seeking a memorable stay in nature.

In addition to California, where bell tents are highly recommended for glamping, searches related to yurt glamping options in Georgia suggest that these tents may be available in the area as well.

Retro RVs

The Timberline Glamping Company offers retro RVs as one of their unique accommodation options. These fully furnished and renovated RVs combine the charm of yesteryear with the beauty of nature.

One such retro RV is called Roxy, measuring 28 ft long and providing a cozy 300 square feet of living space. Inside, guests will find their own kitchen and bathroom, ensuring convenience during their stay.

With a comfortable bed ready for a good night’s sleep, these retro RVs offer a nostalgic and comfortable glamping experience in the great outdoors.

Cozy treehouses

The cozy treehouses at Timberline Glamping are a highlight of the glamping experience. These unique accommodations can comfortably sleep up to four people and come equipped with luxurious amenities like walk-in showers and heated floors.

Each treehouse has its own distinct design, offering guests a variety of experiences to choose from. Nestled among the trees, these treehouses provide an immersive connection with nature, allowing guests to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and breathtaking views.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a fun family adventure, the cozy treehouses at Timberline Glamping will bring out your sense of wonder and create lasting memories.

Yurts and more

Timberline Glamping offers a variety of unique and luxurious glamping accommodations, including yurts. Yurts are traditionally portable structures that were used by nomadic societies, but modern yurts can be permanent and provide a cozy and comfortable experience for glampers.

One standout option is The Nest, which is a Bohemian-style yurt nestled beneath a giant Oak tree. With Timberline Glamping, you can enjoy the beauty of nature while still having access to luxury amenities you need for a memorable getaway.


Immerse yourself in the ultimate glamping experience at Timberline Glamping. With a many different luxurious accommodations to choose from including safari tents, treehouses, and retro RVs, you’ll find the perfect oasis nestled in the mountains of Georgia.

Indulge in comfort and relaxation while enjoying the beauty of nature. Book your getaway now and create unforgettable memories at Timberline Glamping.


What is Timberline Glamping?

Timberline Glamping is a luxurious camping experience in the mountains, offering comfortable accommodations with modern amenities and stunning natural surroundings.

What types of accommodations are available at Timberline Glamping?

At Timberline Glamping, you can choose from a variety of accommodations including cozy cabins, spacious tents, or unique glamping pods, all designed to provide a comfortable and memorable stay.

Are there restroom facilities available at Timberline Glamping?

Yes, there are restroom facilities conveniently located within the glamping site for guests to use during their stay.

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