Glamping New York: The Ultimate Guide

glamping new york

Thinking about stepping up your camping game? With glamping on the rise, New York is leading the pack with a range of unique and luxurious options. This guide will map out all you need to know for an unforgettable glamping adventure in the Empire State, from best spots to stay to essential tips.

Ready for a camping trip like no other? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Glamping in New York offers luxurious accommodations and unique amenities for a high-end camping experience.
  • There are various glamping spots to choose from in different regions of New York, such as the Collective Governors Island in New York City and Firelight Camps in Ithaca.
  • Glampers can enjoy nature and outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and wildlife spotting while still enjoying all the comforts that glamping provides.
  • When planning a glamping trip, it’s important to pack appropriately and plan activities in advance for a successful experience.

Best Glamping Spots in New York

Experience the ultimate glamping getaway at Collective Governors Island in New York City, Eastwind Hotel in Windham, Lake Placid, and Oliverea Valley, Firelight Camps in IthacaAutoCamp Catskills in Saugerties, Getaway in Catskill and Roscoe, or Gather Greene in Coxsackie.

Collective Governors Island: New York City

Collective Governors Island is a calm spot in New York City. It’s on the side of Governor’s Island that faces the Statue of Liberty. You can see great views from here! The tall buildings of Manhattan and the famous statue are both visible.

The tents at this glamping site offer a fresh take on typical camping homes. They’re built for design and comfort. This resort makes you feel like you are in your own small town, away from all city noise!

Eastwind Hotel: Windham, Lake Placid, and Oliverea Valley

Eastwind Hotel is a top spot for glamping in New York. It sits in Windham, Lake Placid, and soon, the Oliverea Valley. The hotel gives you an “almost camping” feel with its 16 rooms and 10 cabins.

Every room at Eastwind Hotel feels like home. The cabins offer that same cozy feeling too. They are opening a new site at Big Indian, New York on January 6, 2023. Located near Catskill and Adirondack Mountains makes it even more special for your glamping stay.

Firelight Camps: Ithaca

Firelight Camps is in Ithaca, a place in New York’s Finger Lakes region. It gives guests a great mix of luxury and nature. You stay in safari tents that look fancy. These aren’t your normal camping tents! People pick this site for their big day.

Yes, weddings are quite popular here with the beautiful views all around. Disconnect from life’s fast pace at Firelight Camps and relax with comfort! It stands as one of the best places to go glamping in New York state.

AutoCamp Catskills: Saugerties

AutoCamp Catskills in Saugerties, New York is a popular glamping spot that opened in June 2022. Situated on 37 acres near Overlook Mountain, this resort offers a variety of accommodations including Airstreams, luxury tents, small cabins, and tiny houses.

With its beautiful location and unique lodging options, AutoCamp Catskills has quickly become one of the best places to go glamping in New York.

Getaway: Catskill and Roscoe

If you’re looking for a great glamping getaway, the Catskill mountains in New York offer some amazing options. One popular destination in the Catskills is Roscoe Campsite. It’s located close to beautiful waterfalls like The Awosting Club, Azia’s First, Cold Spring Lodge, Hidden Chalet, HEREHERE, and Mustang Valley.

If you want to be near New York City but still experience glamping, check out the Outlier Inn’s Geo Dome in Woodridge. It’s only 90 miles away from the city and offers a unique and comfortable glamping experience.

Other luxury options in the Catskills include tentrr signature sites, Outlier Inn’s Geo-Dome Glamping & Farm, Bellfire Farm, and Horse Farm Yurt Glamping.

Gather Greene: Coxsackie

Located in Coxsackie, New York, Gather Greene is a fantastic glamping spot that offers 17 cozy wooden cabins. This site provides a beautiful retreat for nature lovers.

Aside from being a premier glamping destination, Gather Greene is also known for its luxury wedding venue. Whether you’re looking to relax surrounded by nature or celebrate a special occasion, Gather Greene has you covered.

It’s no wonder it’s listed as one of the best glamping spots in all of New York!

Glamping Options in Different Regions

Experience the beauty of the Adirondacks, Hudson Valley, Central New York, Finger Lakes, and even in bustling New York City with various glamping options available.

Glamping in the Adirondacks

Glamping in the Adirondacks offers a luxurious and rustic experience amidst the beautiful landscapes of Upstate New York. You can choose from various options, such as Camp Orenda, Adirondack Safari, Adirondack Camping Yurt, and Clear Lake Lodge.

These unique accommodations range from decked-out canvas tents to charming treehouses. Whether you prefer state parks, national parks, farms, or vineyards, there are plenty of places to enjoy glamping in the Adirondacks.

Soak up nature’s beauty while enjoying all the comforts and amenities that glamping has to offer.

Glamping in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley offers a wonderful glamping experience with its seven chic and cozy accommodations. You can choose from yurts and tents that provide luxurious living spaces with privacy.

One of the unique glamping options in the Hudson Valley is Gatherwild Ranch, which offers four spacious glamping tents. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and outdoor activities while staying in comfortable accommodations.

Glamping in Central New York

Glamping in Central New York offers a unique and comfortable camping experience for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. One popular glamping site in this region is Tentrr Signature, located in a State Forest Preserve.

It provides seclusion and tranquility, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in nature. The accommodations available in Central New York often include upscale cabins with modern amenities like running water and electricity, ensuring a comfortable stay for families and individuals alike.

With its picturesque landscapes and access to outdoor activities, glamping in Central New York is an excellent choice for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Glamping in the Finger Lakes

Glamping in the Finger Lakes region is a wonderful way to experience New York’s natural beauty while enjoying luxurious accommodations. With stunning hikes that lead to breathtaking waterfalls, cliffs, and gorges, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor exploration.

One popular destination for glamping in the Finger Lakes is Cayuga County, which offers crystal clear lakes, historic attractions, and charming villages to explore. If you’re looking for a serene and nature-filled experience, Seneca Sol Glamping in Finger Lakes Wine Country provides a luxurious option on 25 acres of land.

The region’s beautiful forests and gardens create an idyllic setting for glamping all year round. So pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the tranquility of the Finger Lakes!

Glamping in New York City

Glamping in New York City offers a luxurious camping experience right in the heart of the city. You can find upscale cabins with running water and electricity in parks, forested areas, or near campsites.

These accommodations provide all the comforts of home while still allowing you to enjoy nature. Whether you want a swanky retreat in a trendy neighborhood or a more secluded getaway surrounded by greenery, there are plenty of options to choose from.

With glamping in New York City, you can have the best of both worlds – a peaceful escape from everyday stress without sacrificing luxury and comfort.

What to Expect in a Glamping Experience

Glamping experiences in New York offer luxury accommodations, unique amenities, access to nature and outdoor activities, as well as relaxation and comfort.

Luxury accommodations

Glamping in New York offers a wide array of luxury accommodations that are perfect for those seeking a high-end camping experience. These upscale cabins provide all the comforts and amenities you would expect from tot hotels.

With running water, electricity, comfortable beds, and stylish décor, glamping accommodations in New York allow you to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort.

In addition to the basic necessities, these luxury accommodations also come with unique features that make your stay even more special. Some glamping sites offer private hot tubs or outdoor showers, allowing you to relax and unwind while surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Others may have gourmet kitchens or fire pits where you can cook delicious meals or gather around for cozy evenings under the stars.

Unique amenities

Some glamping sites in New York offer unique amenities to enhance your experience. You can expect upscale cabins with running water and electricity, ensuring you have all the comforts of home.

But beyond that, some sites go above and beyond by providing additional features and facilities. For example, hideaway huts may come with ensuite bathroomsfacilities for making tea and coffee, as well as king-sized beds for ultimate relaxation.

So you can enjoy the beauty of nature while still enjoying luxurious amenities during your glamping adventure in New York.

Access to nature and outdoor activities

Glamping in New York offers fantastic access to nature and a good range of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re exploring the Adirondackshiking in the Hudson Valley, or discovering the Finger Lakes, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the natural beauty that New York has to offer.

From scenic trails and breathtaking views to kayaking, fishing, and wildlife spotting, you’ll have endless options for outdoor fun during your glamping adventure. Soak up the fresh air, take in stunning landscapes, and make unforgettable memories surrounded by nature’s wonders while enjoying all the comforts that glamping provides.

Relaxation and comfort

During a glamping experience in New York, relaxation and comfort are guaranteed. You can expect luxurious accommodations that provide all the comforts of a hotel stay. From cozy beds to heating and air conditioning, you won’t have to worry about roughing it in the great outdoors.

Glamping sites also offer unique amenities such as private bathroomshot tubs, and gourmet dining options. With these added luxuries, you can unwind and enjoy a rejuvenating vacation surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Whether you choose to explore the Adirondacks or relax in the Hudson Valley, glamping in New York ensures that you’ll have a peaceful and comfortable retreat away from daily city life.

Tips for a Successful Glamping Trip

Pack appropriately by bringing comfortable clothing and footwear, as well as any necessary gear or equipment for outdoor activities.

Pack appropriately

Make sure to pack everything you need for your glamping trip. Bring essentials like clothes, toiletries, and linens. Don’t forget important items like a first aid kit and any necessary medications.

It’s also a good idea to bring fun extras like games or books to enjoy during your stay. Pack everything in a way that is convenient and easy to transport. By packing appropriately, you’ll have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable glamping experience in New York.

Plan activities in advance

To make the most of your glamping trip in New York, it’s important to plan activities in advance. By doing this, you can ensure that you have a fun and enjoyable time during your stay.

Consider what types of activities you want to do, such as hiking, fishing, or simply relaxing by the campfire. Check the availability and book any guided tours or excursions ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Planning ahead will help you make the most of your glamping experience and create memories with friends or family. So be sure to plan your activities in advance for a successful and enjoyable trip!

Check availability and book in advance

To ensure a smooth glamping experience in New York, it’s important to check availability and book your accommodations in advance. By doing so, you can secure the dates that work best for you and choose from a variety of options.

Planning ahead also allows you to avoid any last-minute disappointments if your desired spot is fully booked. Remember, many popular glamping sites can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons.

So take the time to research and make your reservations early to guarantee a successful getaway.

Follow site rules and guidelines

When glamping, it’s important to follow the site rules and guidelines. These rules are there to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Make sure to familiarize yourself with any restrictions or limitations on activitiesnoise levels, and campfire usage.

Respect the property and facilities by keeping them clean and tidy. Additionally, be considerate of other guests by following any quiet hours or designated areas for certain activities.

By adhering to these rules, you can help create a positive environment at the glamping site for everyone while also protecting the natural surroundings.

Leave no trace and respect the environment

When enjoying a glamping trip in New York, it’s important to practice Leave No Trace principles and respect the environment. This means taking care not to leave any garbage or waste behind, and being mindful of our impact on nature.

By following these guidelines, we can help protect the beauty of New York’s natural landscapes for future generations to enjoy. Remember to dispose of trash properlyuse designated fire pits for campfires, and avoid disturbing wildlife.

Let’s be responsible travelers and show respect for the environment while glamping in New York!


In conclusion, glamping in New York offers the perfect blend of nature and luxury. With a variety of extremely unique accommodations to choose from and stunning locations across the state, it’s an ideal way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

So pack your bags, book your spot in advance, and get ready for an unforgettable glamping adventure in New York!


What is glamping?

Glamping, short for glamorous camping, is a luxurious and comfortable form of camping that blends the experience of being in nature with modern amenities and comforts.

Where can I go glamping in New York?

There are many glamping sites in New York, including the Adirondacks, Catskills, Finger Lakes region, Hudson Valley, and Long Island. Each location offers unique landscapes and accommodations for a memorable experience.

What types of accommodations are available for glamping in New York?

In New York, you can find various types of accommodations for glamping such as safari tents, yurts, treehouses, cabins, cottages, airstreams, dome houses or even luxury RVs fitted with comfortable beds and private bathrooms.

Is glamping more expensive than regular camping?

Glamping generally costs more than regular camping due to the added amenities and services provided. Prices change depending on the location and type of accommodation chosen but can range from $100 to several hundred dollars per night.

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