Glamping Near Zion: A Glamping Getaway In The Wild

glamping near zion

Craving an escape to the wild, yet yearning for luxuryZion National Park in Utah offers a unique travel experience called glamping. This blog will guide you through the best spots for glamorous camping (glamping) near this majestic park.

Dive in, and find your perfect outdoor retreat!

Key Takeaways

  • Glamping near Zion National Park offers a unique and luxurious camping experience.
  • There are various glamping options available, including canvas tents, private bungalows, luxury wagons, and more.
  • When choosing a glamping spot near Zion, consider factors such as the source of watercontaminants to removefilter capacity and replacement frequency, and pet-friendly accommodations.

Best Zion National Park Glamping Options

When it comes to glamping near Zion, there are many options you can choose from. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of canvas tents or the luxury of private bungalows, there’s something for everyone.

Zion Wildflower

Zion Wildflower is near Zion National Park. It’s a new place to go glamping. You can stay in fun things like a tent or private bungalow. You could even sleep in a covered wagon! People on vacation with their family or friends might really like it here.

They have fancy tents and bungalows for people who want something more than just canvas glamping. The resort is near Vrigin which makes it easy for trips to the park as well.

Grand Mesa Tents

Grand Mesa Tents are a top pick for glamping. They sit inside the Zion Wildflower Resort, not far from the park’s gate. Big mountain views will fill your day.

At night, you can watch stars fill dark skies.

Each tent has a king-size bed with soft sheets to make your stay comfy. So, after spending your day at Zion National Park, you will sleep well in Grand Mesa Tents!

Private Bungalows

Private bungalows offer a cozy way to enjoy glamping. At Cave Lakes Canyon Ranch, you can stay in one nestled on their vast land. Zion Wildflower Resort also boasts private bungalows for a comfy stay.

For a touch of luxury, visit Under Canvas Zion‘s private bungalows. Or check out the well-liked spot of Zion Ponderosa which provides them too. But don’t miss out on Zion Glamping Adventures either; they also have these stand-alone shelters in their list of glamping options.

Luxury Wagons

Luxury wagons are a popular glamping option. You can stay at Zion Wildflower Resort in these unique covered wagons that provide all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

It’s like staying in a hotel, but surrounded by the beautiful nature of Zion. These luxury wagons offer a memorable and adventurous glamping experience that you won’t forget.

Canvas Glamping

Canvas Glamping is a popular choice for those seeking a unique and luxurious camping experience near Zion. One of the best options for Canvas Glamping near Zion is Under Canvas Zion.

This resort offers safari-inspired tents with king-size beds and cozy plush linens, providing guests with a comfortable and memorable stay. Not only does Under Canvas Zion offer top-notch accommodations, but it also boasts stunning views of sandstone cliffs and the famous red rock formations that the area is known for.

For a glamping experience that combines luxury and nature, Canvas Glamping near Zion is an excellent choice.

What to Look for When Choosing a Glamping Spot

When choosing a glamping spot, it’s important to consider factors such as the source of your water, the contaminants you need to remove, filter capacity and replacement frequency, and whether or not the accommodation is pet-friendly.

Additionally, be sure to explore the different types of glamping accommodations available.

Determine the source of your water

Knowing where the water at your chosen glamping spot near Zion comes from is really important. You need to find out if it comes from a local well, a nearby stream, or if it’s provided by the resort itself.

Understanding the source of your water helps you gauge its quality and safety. Different sources may have different levels of contaminants, so it’s essential to know what you’re dealing with before making your decision.

Keep in mind that some glamping sites offer filtered or purified water, while others may require you to bring your own supply or treat the water yourself. So make sure you do your research and choose a glamping spot that provides safe and clean drinking water for your stay near Zion.

Identify the contaminants you need to remove

To ensure a safe and enjoyable glamping experience near Zion, it’s important to identify the contaminants you need to remove. Common contaminants include dust, mold, pollen, and chemical residues.

These can cause allergies or respiratory issues if not properly addressed. When choosing a glamping spot, look for resorts that maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Check if they have proper ventilation systems and follow regular cleaning protocols to minimize the presence of contaminants.

It’s also beneficial if the resort uses eco-friendly cleaning products and practices. Proper waste management and disposal systems are essential in preventing the accumulation of contaminants as well.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

If you’re planning a glamping trip near Zion National Park and want to bring your furry friend along, there are pet-friendly accommodations available in Hildale, Utah. These options include cabins that offer a comfortable and cozy space for both you and your pets.

You can enjoy the beauty of nature while knowing that your four-legged companion is welcome too. Keep in mind that there may also be dog-friendly glamping options within Zion itself, allowing you to explore the park together with your beloved pet.

Different Types of Glamping Accommodations

Glamping resorts near Zion offer a variety of accommodation options to choose from. You can find luxury tentscozy yurtscharming cabins, and even unique treehouses.

These accommodations provide more space and comfort compared to traditional tent camping. Glamping sites in Utah also offer amenities like real washrooms with hot water and rainfall showerheads, as well as comfortable king-sized beds.

Whether you prefer the rustic charm of a canvas tent or the modern elegance of a private cabin, there is a glamping option for everyone near Zion.

Top Glamping Spots Near Zion

Here are some of the top glamping spots near Zion: Zion Wildflower Resort, Zion White Bison Resort, Wander Camp Zion, Under Canvas Zion, and more.

Zion Wildflower Resort

Zion Wildflower Resort is a fantastic glamping spot near the entrance of Zion. It’s a brand-new destination that offers different types of accommodations to fit your needs.

They have pole canvas tents, private bungalows, and covered wagons to choose from. Whether you’re with your family or a group, there’s something for everyone here. This resort sits on 4,000 acres of land and also includes vacation homes and cabin suites.

Zion White Bison Resort

Zion White Bison Resort is a luxury glamping resort located near Zion in Virgin, Utah. It offers unique and comfortable accommodations for families looking to enjoy a glamping getaway.

The resort has received positive reviews from previous guests and is highly rated. In addition to the cozy accommodations, the resort provides activities for kids to keep them entertained during their stay.

Whether you’re interested in hiking in Zion or simply relaxing in nature, Zion White Bison Resort is a great choice for your glamping adventure near Zion.

Wander Camp Zion

Wander Camp Zion is located just a short 25-minute drive from Zion. They offer an incredible glamping experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the wild.

Wander Camp Zion is known for providing high-quality glamping experiences and has received positive reviews from their guests. In addition to their location near Zion, they also offer glamping options near Bryce Canyon.

As one of America’s best glamping companies, Wander Camp operates in several other national parks as well. So if you’re looking for a memorable and luxurious camping experience near Zion, Wander Camp is definitely worth considering!

Under Canvas Zion

Under Canvas Zion is a safari-inspired glamping site located 20 miles from the Zion and the town of Springdale. It offers upscale accommodations and amenities, including free parking, breakfast, and an on-site restaurant.

Guests can enjoy stunning views of sandstone cliffs and the famous red rock of the area. Under Canvas Zion has received positive reviews from past visitors, making it a great choice for your glamping getaway near Zion.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

Located near Zion National Park in Utah, Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is a nice choice for those looking to experience glamping in the wilderness. The resort offers various options for glamping accommodations, including glamping tents and cabins.

Situated on a 4,000-acre property, guests can enjoy activities such as climbing walls, miniature golf, trampoline bungee, and zip lining. What’s more, visitors have the opportunity to explore nearby destinations like Bryce Canyon from this resort.

With positive reviews from satisfied guests praising its glamping experience and range of activities offered, Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is definitely worth considering for your next outdoor getaway.

Zion Glamping Adventures

It’s a short drive away from Zion National Park in Hildale, Utah, you’ll find the amazing Zion Glamping Adventures. This glamping site offers cozy tents with stunning mountain views and breathtaking night skies.

Each tent is equipped with air conditioning, heating, and comfortable queen-sized beds. You’ll also find amenities like fire pits, charcoal grills, chairs, and picnic tables right outside your tent.

If you’re looking for adventure, Zion Glamping Adventures has got you covered too! They offer exciting activities such as hiking tours, side by side tours, horse trail rides, ATV rides, and jeep tours.

Zion Glamping Resort

Located in Hildale, Utah, just a short 45-minute drive from Zion National Park, Zion Glamping Resort offers the perfect retreat for nature lovers. With cozy tents that provide panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors.

At night, they can gaze at the epic starlit sky above. Not only does the resort provide comfortable accommodations, but it also offers exciting adventures for guests to enjoy during their stay.

Zion View Camping

Zion View Camping is a great choice for glamping near Zion National Park. Located on a hilltop with scenic and breathtaking views of the park, it offers unique and exciting glamping options like tipis, covered wagons, and cliff dwellings.

You can have an unforgettable adventure here! The camping site is situated in Virgin, Utah, just 15 miles away from the park. So if you’re looking for a memorable glamping experience with stunning views and close proximity to Zion National Park, Zion View Camping is the place to be.

Juniper Grove Camp Zion

Juniper Grove Camp Zion is one of the top glamping options near Zion National Park. Situated on 53 acres of natural desert terrain, this campsite offers luxury tents with access to well-stocked bars and luxury bathrooms.

The heated glamping tents provide comfort no matter the weather, and there are spacious private campsites available as well. With its prime location near Zion National Park, Juniper Grove Camp Zion is an ideal choice for a memorable glamping experience in the wild.

Zion Views

When it comes to glamping near Zion National Park, one thing you can be sure of is stunning views. Whether you choose to stay at Under Canvas Zion or Zion Glamping Adventures, you’ll find yourself surrounded by breathtaking sights.

From sandstone cliffs and majestic red rock to wide-open desert skies, the views are simply unforgettable. If you opt for Zion Ponderosa Ranch or Zion White Bison Resort, you’ll also have the pleasure of enjoying beautiful vistas from your glamping accommodations.

And if that’s not enough, Open Sky Resort and Basecamp 37 offer additional options for soaking in the natural beauty of Zion with their prime locations. So don’t forget to bring your camera and get ready for an unforgettable glamping experience with incredible Zion views.

Upscale Secluded Yurt

The upscale secluded yurt is a luxurious and unique glamping accommodation located in Utah’s red rock country near Zion National Park. This highly-rated glamping site offers panoramic mountain views and breathtaking night skies.

The yurt, along with other accommodations, has been renovated and modernized to provide a comfortable stay for guests. Featuring private decks and hot showers, the yurt offers both luxury and convenience during your glamping getaway.

Experience the beauty of nature while enjoying the comforts of a well-appointed accommodation at this upscale secluded yurt near Zion National Park.


Experience the beauty of Zion National Park with a glamping getaway that combines nature and luxury. From cozy canvas tents to private bungalows, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you want to stargaze under the night sky or explore the wild terrain, glamping near Zion offers it all.


Where is Zion in relation to the glamping site?

The glamping site is located near Zion National Park, where you can enjoy being close to nature while still having access to modern comforts.

What facilities are available at the glamping site?

The glamping site offers various facilities such as spacious tents or cabins with cozy beds, private bathrooms with hot showers, outdoor seating areas, campfire pits, and sometimes even on-site dining options.

How do I book a glamping getaway near Zion?

To book a glamping getaway near Zion, you can visit the website of the glampsite or contact them directly for availability and reservation details.

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