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buy glamping tent

Are you dreaming of an outdoor retreat that delivers both adventure and comfort? Glamping, the glamorous version of camping, is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This guide unravels the world of glamping tents, providing insight into various types and what to look for when buying one.

Hold tight; this could transform your future travel plans!

Key Takeaways

  • Glamping tents, such as bell tents and canvas A-frame tents, are popular choices for creating a luxurious outdoor haven.
  • Luxury glamping gear, like high-end bell tents and yurts, can enhance your camping experience with added comfort and convenience.
  • The Stella™ Stargazer Bell Tent offers a unique stargazing experience with its clear roof panels, while the Scout About™ Canvas A-Frame Tent provides versatility and convenience for families or larger groups.
  • Consider factors like durability, ease of use, ventilation, and size when choosing a glamping tent. Reputable manufacturers like YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges and Whiteduck offer high-quality options.

Types of Glamping Tent To Buy

There are several options to consider when buying a glamping tent: bell camping tents, canvas A-frame tents, luxury glamping gear, Stella™ Stargazer Bell Tent, Scout About™ Canvas A-Frame Tent, Stella™ Stargazing Canvas Tent, Fernweh™ bell tent, Timberline Exchange™ Bell Tent and Boho Style Bell Tent Floor Matting Cover.

Bell camping tents

Bell camping tents stand out as the reigning champions in the glamping world. They’re designed with a round floor plan and pointed roof, supported entirely by a single center pole.

This unique structure not only adds to their appeal but also provides ample space and height inside, making them an optimal choice for long-term stays outdoors. These tents are traditionally constructed with heavy-duty cotton canvas, reinforcing their durability while allowing for excellent breathability.

Among various options available online, one notable model is the Whiteduck Avalon Canvas Bell Tent equipped with Stove Jack – a luxury bell tent synonymous with comfort and quality.

Investing in this style of tent is certainly no small decision; however, they serve up seriously comfortable outdoor havens that promise memorable glamping experiences.

Canvas A-Frame tents

Canvas A-Frame tents stand as a top choice among the types of glamping tents to buy for an exceptional outdoor haven. These go-to luxury shelters offer the ruggedness and durability necessary for all-weather camping, thanks to their meticulously designed heavy-duty cotton canvas fabric.

Their optimal strength is further bolstered by sturdy poles and thick guy lines that withstand high winds, rain, and sun exposure.

Don’t let their robustness fool you; these tents are surprisingly simple to set up – no need to grapple with complex instructions or tools before settling into your natural retreat.

Space will hardly be an issue either when you opt to buy glamping tent styles like Canvas A-Frame tents; they’re renowned for providing ample room that doesn’t skimp on comfort or style.

To round it off, they boast superior ventilation capabilities ensuring a pleasant and breathable environment throughout your stay. Indeed, places like Under Canvas Zion resort have seen this allure, incorporating Canvas A-Frame tents into their picturesque landscape.

Luxury glamping gear

Luxury glamping gear paves the way for a sumptuous outdoor escapade. It’s all about enhancing your camping experience with plush comforts amidst the nature’s wilderness. Demand for these upscale accessories, like RV glamping kits, has seen a surge among campers aiming for an elevated camping affair.

From high-end bell tents and yurts such as the Whiteduck 13′ Avalon Canvas Bell Tent considered top-tier in luxury camping to sanctuary-like dome tents that blend comfort and elegance flawlessly, every item is meticulously designed to augment your holiday under the stars.

For those who fancy convenience over traditional tent setup, pre-manufactured permanent glamping tents are making waves in the market. And if you thought it doesn’t get better than this, some opulent variants even offer bathrooms inside! So don’t hesitate to buy glamping tent online; transcend ordinary campsites, embrace luxury at its finest without compromising on adventurous spirit!

Stella™ Stargazer Bell Tent

The Stella™ Stargazer Bell Tent is a highly sought-after glamping tent that offers a truly unique outdoor experience. With its 360-degree clear roof panels, this tent allows you to indulge in stargazing and immerse yourself in the beauty of the night sky.

Available in a spacious 16-foot (5m) size, it provides ample room for relaxation and comfort. Made from high-quality canvas material, this luxury camping tent ensures durability and water resistance.

The built-in transparent roof panels not only connect you with nature but also create an ideal environment for activities like birdwatching and cloud spotting. Whether you’re daydreaming or seeking tranquility, the Stella™ Stargazer Bell Tent offers a stylish and comfortable option to elevate your camping adventure.

Scout About™ Canvas A-Frame Tent

The Scout About™ Canvas A-Frame Tent is a versatile and convenient option for those looking to buy a glamping tent. This portable tent, which can comfortably accommodate four sleeping bags, is perfect for both camping adventures and luxurious glamping experiences.

Made from high-performance canvas material, the Scout About™ Canvas A-Frame Tent is not only durable and sturdy but also designed to withstand various weather conditions. With proper ventilation, this tent ensures a comfortable camping experience even on hot summer days.

Its spacious interior provides ample room for multiple people, making it an ideal choice for families or larger groups. If you’re in search of a stylish and luxurious outdoor haven, the Scout About™ Canvas A-Frame Tent is definitely worth considering as part of your glamping setup options.

Stella™ Stargazing Canvas Tent

The Stella™ Stargazing Canvas Tent is a must-have for those seeking an extraordinary glamping experience. This sky view tent offers a unique feature that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

With its clear top roof panel, you can gaze up at the stars, watch birds soar across the sky, or even marvel at passing clouds. Made by LifeInTents, a renowned brand in the glamping industry, this 16-foot luxury tent combines both beauty and durability.

It’s not just suitable for camping but can also serve as a magical guest room or spare guest house. Waterproof and built to withstand various weather conditions, this tent guarantees comfort and style throughout your outdoor adventures.

Fernweh™ bell tent

The Fernweh™ bell tent is a fantastic option to consider when buying a glamping tent. With its spacious 19.6′ size and sturdy construction using 11.5 oz (390 gsm) Army duck cotton canvas, it offers durability without compromising on comfort.

What sets this tent apart is its unique 360-degree double sidewall design, which can be unzipped and rolled up to reveal a bug-free mesh screen, allowing for an uninterrupted connection with nature while keeping pesky insects at bay.

Additionally, the sidewalls of the Fernweh bell tent are taller than those of traditional bell tents, measuring at 29.5″, providing you with even more room to move around and relax in style during your outdoor adventures.

Timberline Exchange™ Bell Tent

The Timberline Exchange™ Bell Tent is a trendy and stylish glamping tent designed for both glamping businesses and frequent guests. This bell tent features a round floor plan and a pointed roof, providing a unique and aesthetically pleasing design.

With a size of 19.5′ (6M), this spacious tent offers 289 square feet of interior space, ensuring plenty of room to relax and unwind. Made with durable 11.5 ounce material, the Timberline Exchange Bell Tent is built to withstand various weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.

The tent also boasts a removable door that can be unzipped for easy access, while replacement doors are available separately if needed. Manufactured by Timberline Glamping Company – known for their luxury accommodations – this bell tent guarantees an unforgettable glamping experience with its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Boho Style Bell Tent Floor Matting Cover

The Boho Style Bell Tent Floor Matting Cover is a must-have accessory for glampers looking to add some extra touch of comfort and style to their outdoor haven. Made from high-quality cotton canvas, this reversible yurt tent rug provides a soft and cushioned surface for bare feet, ensuring maximum cozy appeal.

Specifically designed for 16′ (5M) bell tents, it offers a perfect fit while adding an aesthetic charm to the interior decor. With its durability and suitability for various climates, the floor matting cover promises long-term use and enjoyment.

Whether you’re lounging or walking around your bell tent, this stylish option will elevate your glamping experience to new levels of luxury. And if you’re worried about finding the right floor covering, Boutique Camping has got you covered with their wide selection of premium tent flooring options, including bell tent carpets and matting.

Tips For Choosing When You Buy Glamping Tent

Consider the durability, ease of use, ventilation, size, and adaptability when selecting a glamping tent.


Glamping tents are known for their durability, making them the perfect choice for your outdoor haven. These tents are typically constructed with high-quality materials such as cotton canvasheavy-duty poles, and thick guy lines to ensure long-lasting performance.

In fact, glamping tents are designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide reliable shelter season after season. While some cotton canvas tents may require a bit of weathering-in before they become fully waterproof, once this process is complete, they offer exceptional protection against rain and other elements.

With their sturdy construction and durable features, glamping tents can provide you with years of enjoyment in the great outdoors without worrying about wear and tear. So when you buy a glamping tent, you can be confident that it provide you with a luxurious camping experience for many adventures to come.

Ease of use

Glamping tents must be user-friendly and easy to set up, making your outdoor experience hassle-free. Look for tents that come with clear instructions and require minimal effort to assemble.

Some glamping tents feature innovative designs like quick-pitch systems or pre-attached poles, allowing you to save time and energy during setup. Additionally, consider the portability of the tent.

Opt for lightweight materials and compact storage options if you plan on moving around frequently. Ensuring ease of use will guarantee a stress-free glamping adventure, giving you more time to enjoy nature’s beauty without any unnecessary complications.


Proper ventilation is a crucial consideration when buying a glamping tent, as it plays a vital role in ensuring your comfort and creating a breathable atmosphere inside the tent. Good ventilation helps regulate the temperaturereduces condensation, and manages airflow, preventing the buildup of stale air, odors, and moisture that can lead to discomfort and health issues.

Look for glamping tents with multiple windows, mesh panels, or vents that can be easily opened or closed according to your preference and weather conditions. Some tents even come with built-in fans or air vents for enhanced air circulation.

Investing in a well-ventilated glamping tent will contribute to an enjoyable camping experience by providing you a fresh and comfortable space to relax in during your outdoor adventures.


The size of your glamping tent is a extremely crutial factor to consider when making a purchase. You want to ensure that the tent is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate everyone sleeping inside.

A general rule of thumb is to choose a tent that can fit one additional person for every three people in your group. For example, if you’re camping with four people, opt for a tent designed for five occupants.

Having ample space not only ensures comfort but also allows for easier movement and storage of personal belongings. It’s important to note that while larger tents provide more room, they may require more effort and time to set up.

On the other hand, smaller tents are often quicker and easier to assemble but may feel cramped.

Consider how much gear or luggage you plan on bringing along as well; this will affect the amount of space needed within the tent. Keep in mind that glamping tents come in various sizes, so take measurements into account before making your final decision.


One important factor to consider when buying a glamping tent is its adaptability. A good glamping tent should be able to cater to different preferences and requirements, making it suitable for various camping styles and locations.

Whether you prefer a cozy bell tent or a spacious canvas A-frame, the adaptability of your glamping tent ensures that it can meet your needs in any outdoor setting. This means having features like removable walls or dividers for customizable interior layouts, as well as options for adding additional amenities such as stove jacks or extra ventilation.

By choosing a highly adaptable glamping tent, you can enjoy freedom and flexibility to create your ideal outdoor haven wherever you go.

Best Glamping Tent Manufacturers

Here are some of the best glamping tent manufacturers to consider when buying your outdoor haven: YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges (exclusive distributor: Tent Masters), Whiteduck, TENTSXPERT, and Wildhaven Sonoma.

YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges (exclusive distributor: Tent Masters)

YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges is a highly regarded manufacturer of glamping tents, known for their impeccable attention to detail and commitment to creating a stunning luxury camping experience.

As the exclusive distributor for YALA in North America, Tent Masters brings these high-quality glamping tents directly to you. Based out of Knoxville, TN, YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges offers a range of tent options, including those with bathrooms and even insulated canvas for extended glamping seasons.

Their reputation as a reputable supplier of glamping tents and lodges makes them an excellent choice when considering where to buy your dream glamping tent.


Whiteduck is a well-known manufacturer of glamping tents, offering high-quality products that are perfect for your outdoor adventures. One of their popular offerings is the White Duck Regatta Bell Tent, which provides a spacious and waterproof camping or glamping experience.

What sets Whiteduck apart from other canvas tent makers is that they include everything you need to hit the road with their tents, making it convenient and hassle-free. With their commitment to quality and attention to detail, Whiteduck has gained recognition in the industry as a trusted supplier of glamping tents.

In fact, they were the largest exhibitor at The Glamping Show USA’s annual expo. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable camping getaway or starting your own glamping business, Whiteduck has got you covered with their exceptional range of tents.


TENTSXPERT is a reputable and professional glamping tent manufacturer that stands out in the industry. With an impressive selection of 15 different types of glamping tents for sale, they have established themselves as a go-to option for anyone looking to buy a high-quality glamping tent.

Their association with the best glamping tent manufacturers ensures that customers get access to top-notch products. What sets TENTSXPERT apart is their commitment to providing custom tents for glamping, allowing each customer to create a unique and personalized experience.

From yurts and domes to wagons and more, they offer a big range of options to cater to diverse preferences. Notably, TENTSXPERT’s dedication has been recognized by being featured on the list of the five best glamping tents for luxury camping in 2023.

Wildhaven Sonoma

Wildhaven Sonoma takes glamping to the next level with their elevated outdoor lodging experience in the heart of Sonoma wine country. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, these unique glamping tents offer a perfect blend of nature and comfort for guests seeking an unforgettable getaway.

Designed with utmost attention to detail, Wildhaven’s glamping tents provide warmth, cleanliness, and unparalleled comfort. From heated mattress pads to full linens, every aspect has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure a truly rejuvenating stay.

And despite being surrounded by the beauty of Sonoma County, guests still enjoy modern amenities like electricity and access to concierge services. With its prime location near wineries, Lake Sonoma, and the Russian River, Wildhaven Sonoma is your gateway to an extraordinary glamping adventure all year round.


When it comes to buying a glamping tent for your ultimate outdoor haven, there are plenty of options available. From bell tents to canvas A-frame tents, luxury glamping gear, and more, you can find the perfect tent that suits your style and needs.

Make sure to consider factors such as durability, ease of use, ventilation, and size before making your purchase. And don’t forget to check out reputable manufacturers like YALA Luxury Canvas Lodges and Whiteduck for the best quality tents.

Happy glamping!


What are the key factors to consider when buying a glamping tent?

When purchasing a glamping tent, it is important to consider factors such as the size and capacity of the tent, the material and durability, ease of setup and takedown, weather resistance, ventilation options, and additional features like windows or partitions.

What types of glamping tents are available in the market?

There are various types of glamping tents available in the market including bell tents, safari tents, yurts, cabin-style tents, dome tents, geodesic tents, and tipis. Each type offers its own unique design elements and features that cater to different preferences and needs.

Are there any specific considerations for using a glamping tent in different seasons?

Yes! Depending on the season you plan to use your glamping tent in, certain considerations should be taken into account. For example: having proper insulation for colder temperatures or choosing a breathable fabric for hotter climates. It’s also important to ensure that your chosen tent has sufficient rain fly coverage if you’ll be camping during wet seasons.

Where can I find reliable suppliers or retailers for purchasing a glamping tent?

You can find reliable suppliers or retailers for purchasing a glamping tent both online and offline. Online platforms like Amazon or specialized outdoor gear websites often have extensive selections with customer reviews to help guide your decision-making process. Additionally,sporting goods stores or camping equipment stores often carry different brands and models of glamping tents that you can physically inspect before making your purchase decision.

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